Mega Thread- Black Friday And Cyber Monday Unrefusable Deals

Amazon BlackFriday 2016 Deals: Greatest Saving & Lightning deals

The Black Friday sale has already started on 20th November with deals continuing till 27th November. For eight continuous days, Amazon will be offering some kickass deals to enjoy.

Become An Amazon Prime Member to grab an early Discount

Amazon Prime members can grab all the Black Friday deals 30 minutes earlier than rest of the shoppers. The best thing is you can get 30 days complete free trial of Prime membership now & enjoy these lightning deals before everybody else. Here are all the benefits of Amazon Prime.


 Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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Ebay Black Friday 2016 Deals

EBay is a great place when it comes to buying some old stuffs and gadget. However, recently they have made great efforts to bring great user experience and deals.

Check out eBay 2016 Black Friday deals

You can get web hosting coupons here to avail the best web hosting offers and discounts.  Web hosting deals of 2016 are up to 90% off!. Get the best offers when they are available, otherwise you will miss them. These hosting offers are good for blogging, internet marketing, small companies, websites and forum hosting. We have tested them with some tools to see their performance and features. You can also get hosting company’s benchmarks for visitors. We have posted about all major web hosting company details and the page views/visitors amount which they can handle easily.

Web Hosting Coupons – Best Web Hosting 2016 Up To 90% Off

The following is the comparison of the best web hosting coupons and offers as well as performance. Please note:- In order to activate the deals you have to click on the link to the hosting deal. Hosting Coupons are not required otherwise not specified.

Note: If you need a reliable SSD VPS then we recommend you to buy either Interserver or DigitalOcean VPS cause both of them are reputed companies and provides really Good services. However, Interserver is cheap and you can get a 1GB RAM+25GB SSD storage VPS in just 6$ a month. No hidden charges.

Interserver Deal Page

The list is in an order which means the 1st host is the best web hosting and the last web host is worst hosting.

A Small Orange


Web HostRegular Price (Monthly)Deal Price (Monthly)


$11.95$1.99Get This Deal
Hostgator$9.95$1.86Get This Deal
A2Hosting$7.99$2.64Get This Deal
DreamHost$9.95$6.95Get This Deal


$7.99$3.95Get This Deal
FatCow$8.95$3.15Get This Deal
    Note: We have tested all web hosting services with our own WordPress and website optimization and PageSpeed optimizations to get the best out of them. All hosting are tested with or without ClouFlare to get the estimated performance and optimized performance results. If you want to enhance your website speed and want to get best PageSpeed results, Then just buy any of below hosting’s with our link and contact us via email. We will optimize your website with our hosting optimizations tricks. please note page loading time affect Google ranking.
  • iPage ($1.99/mo) has good server response time and features. iPage is one the cheapest web hosting available which offers reliable performance and features. iPage also provides some free goodies with their shared hosting plans like Free advertising credit, a free domain, and lots of other things which is very helpful for a startup and new blogger. You can buy an iPage web hosting plan as low as $1.99/month with our iPage web hosting coupons.

Traffic Handle – 40,000 to 52000 and 2,90,000 with CloudFlare – No problem but when we reached the 4,00,000 mark they immediately send us a mail about too much resource uses and temporary disabled our hosting account. If you are a new blogger and do not have much traffic, then you should buy iPage hosting. Why should I buy I page web hosting? The answer is simple, if you do not have hundreds of thousands of visitors then you should not waste your money on some high-quality web hostings.

Page loading time – On high traffic – 1.1 seconds  On low traffic- 1.1 seconds

  • HostGator ($4.86/mo) is one the best web hosting which offer’s a high-quality page loading performance and speed. We always recommend Hostgator over other hosts, because they can handle as much traffic as a small size VPS, which costs twice more than Hostgator shared hosting plan. If you are a WordPress blogger and looking for a good web hosting than HostGator is the best choice for you. Hostgator sometimes also give free domain with annual hosting plans. If you have a WordPress based website then you should choose the baby plan. Business hosting plan is also a good option but spending money on unwanted things is not necessary. In order to get the best hosting discount, you have to buy HostGator Web hosting via our Hostgator coupon. If you want to migrate to HostGator. You just have to send them a support ticket and they will do the task for you for free. However, sometimes their support staff are so busy and you have to wait for some time to chat with them. HostGator has Millions of customer base that’s why their support staff always seems busy.

Traffic Handle – Around 50,000-70,000 easily and around 4,00,000 with CloudFlare, believe us we have tested them. However, they disabled our account after 4,30,000 visits and send us an email about high CPU resources used.

Page loading time – On high traffic – 870 ms  On low traffic-  850 ms

  • A2Hosting ($3.92/mo) uses blazing fast SSD and this feature gives your websites a huge speed boost over other sites. SSD uses electronic technology to find data which is 20x faster than a hard drive. When we tested our sites on A2Hosting they performed really well. According to our tests, A2Hosting is one of the best shared web hostings in terms of server response and data transfer rates. A2Hosting offers huge web hosting discount coupons to reduce the expenses of server bill.

Traffic handle – Not more than 50,000 and with CloudFlare not more than 2,80,000

Page loading time – On high traffic – 1.7 seconds  On low traffic- 1.3 seconds

  • DreamHost ($6.95/mo) is one the best hosting company since 1997. DreamHost offers some really good features over other hosting brands like SSD Hosting, a Free domain for life. However, we don’t like their custom panel, which is an alternative to the CPanel. DreamHost server response time is faster than HostGator and Bluehost. Because they use SSD that’s why their data reading speed is also faster than most of the hosting. If you have a high traffic WordPress blog and your pages have high request count than DreamHost is best hosting for you. The best thing about DreamHost web hosting is, you don’t have to renew your domain again and again if you are hosting the domain with them. This feature is a cost saving feature because domain renewal costs around 15$ a year. If you want to get huge DreamHost discounts then buy with our DreamHost coupons.

Traffic handle – 64,000 and 4,11,00 with CloudFlare. Highly Recommended 

Page loading time – On high traffic – 800 ms  On low traffic- 700 ms

  • Bluehost ($3.95/mo) is one the most reputed web hosting company. BlueHost not only offers a high quality shared hosting experience, but also a performance hosting experience. Bluehost only has 1 flaw with their hosting which is a custom panel. However, performance was really good and the site speed was also good to compare to other hosting companies. The SQL connection limit is the biggest flaw of shared hosting companies, however, we didn’t find any difficulty with Bluehost. Bluehost hosting is faster than Hostgator but Hostgator can handle more traffic than Bluehost. BlueHost gives free advertising credit and a free domain with any annual shared hosting plan. BlueHost is also recommended by some big brands like CNET and WordPress. BlueHost offers huge discount coupons for shared web hosting sometimes. You should buy BlueHost if you have a WordPress blog  with good amount of traffic. Otherwise, cheap hosting can do the job.

Traffic handle – 40,000-50,000 and 2,00,000 with Cloudflare.

Page loading time – On high traffic – 960 ms  On low traffic- 700 ms

  • FatCow ($3.15/mo) web hosting is famous for 100% green web hosting. Their performance is also good. FatCow offers some great tools and features to enhance your hosting experience. When we tested their shared web hosting the results we got were identically same as A2Hosting. However, page loading time was low and pricing is also good. Fatcow offers huge discounts via web hosting coupons regularly, so we recommend you to purchase their hosting in festival time.
  • POWER ($3.25/mo) offers each user a free Nextiva toll-free business phone number. IPower hosting is good if you have a low traffic blog cause their server response is really good. If you have a high traffic blog then POWER hosting is not recommended.

Traffic handle – Not tested

Page loading time – Not tested

  • Arvixe ($4.00/mo)  web hosting is best hosting for forums and static sites. If you have a XenForo based forum then Arvixe is the best option for you. If you have a WordPress based blog then you should not choose them cause they do not have good performance with WordPress. Otherwise, they are one of the best-shared web hosting brands. We are really impressed with their support, they replied almost instantly and solved our problem within some minutes. If you are a newbie and usually mess up with technical things then you should choose them.

Traffic handle – 20000 to 28000 and around 1,90,000 with CloudFlare

Page loading time – On high traffic – 1.6 seconds  On low traffic- 1.15 seconds

  • JustHost ($4.50/mo) offers quite a cheap web hosting compare to other hosts. If you only want to host a single domain than JustHost is a right choice for you. Otherwise, you should choose other web hosts if you wanna host multiple domains and large sites. When we tested them they performed above our expectations. However, they do not have great support and their resources are also limited. JustHost is good if you have low traffic blog or forum, but for large sites, they are not recommended by us.

Traffic handle – 10000 to 15000 and around 1,50,000 with CloudFlare

Page loading time – On high traffic – 1.9 seconds  On low traffic- 1.4 seconds

  • InMotion Hosting ($5.99/mo) is one of the best web hosting services for WordPress blog. InMotion hosting uses SSD instead of Hard Drives. SSD gives a fantastic performance and very low latency. InMotion hosting offers really good performance and features. However, they are not cheap but good things come at good price. When we tested InMotion hosting performance, they outperformed almost all web hosting expect SiteGround. Inmotion hosting also has great support and tutorials which are a helpful thing for new bloggers. If you use XenForo or other forum based software then you should not spend your money on InMotion. Arrives and HostGator are recommended Web Hosting services for forum software.

Traffic Handle – 60,000 to 75000 and around 4,10,000 with CloudFlare

Page loading time – On high traffic – 900 ms  On low traffic – 790 ms

  • WebHostingBuzz ($6.95/mo) is known for its cheap web hosting and good performance. Most of the people think that WebHostingBuzz is not a good host for WordPress blogs. However, our test’s says a different thing. They offer free domain and free advertising credit which is a good thing. WebHostingBuzz offers fantastic web hosting coupons to reduce your hosting bill. Their prices are also cheap so we recommend them for low traffic sites. High traffic sites may face some resource usage problem.

Traffic Handle – Same as JustHost

Page Loading time – Same as JustHost but sometimes below them.below them.

Android Devices Deals

ASUS ZenFone Zoom: $199 from $439, plus a free leather case and screen protector (November 23-25)

Google Pixel (Verizon): $240 ($10/month for 24 months) from $649.99 (November 24-25)

Google Pixel XL (Verizon): $360 ($15/month for 24 months) from $769.99 (November 24-25)

Google Pixel (Quite Black): $649.99, plus a $25 Newegg gift card (November 21-26)

Honor 8 (32GB): $289.99 from $399.99 at Amazon (November 25-28) and Newegg (plus $25 Newegg gift card, case, Honor earphones, Dr. Strange case, selfie stick, USB-C cable, wall brick, and microUSB to USB-C converter, November 21-26)

Honor 8 (64GB): $339.99 from $449.99 at Amazon (November 25-28) and Newegg (plus $25 Newegg gift card, case, Honor earphones, Dr. Strange case, selfie stick, USB-C cable, wall brick, and microUSB to USB-C converter, November 21-26)

HTC 10 (unlocked, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile): $499.99 from $699.99 (live now)

HTC One A9 (unlocked, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile): $275 (live now)

HTC One M9 (unlocked, developer, all 4 carriers): $300 from $649 (live now)

Huawei MediaPad M3: $249.99 from $299.99 (November 25-28)

LeEco EcoWheel: Get additional Black Friday discounts such as an extra $20 off the Le S3 and $50 off the Le Pro3

LeEco Le Pro3: $299 from $399 (November 25-27)

LeEco Le S3: $149 from $249 (November 25-27)

LG V20 (T-Mobile): free to $200 after bill credits with select trade-ins (November 24-27)

Motorola: 10% off Moto Maker when you register as a student with UNIDAYS

Motorola Moto Z: $250 off with a Z, Z Droid, Z Force Droid, Z Play, and Z Play Droid bundle with Hasselblad True Zoom or Moto Insta-Share Projector (November 20-25)

Samsung Galaxy S devices (US Cellular): any two, plus a free 58-inch Samsung Smart HDTV

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge (AT&T, VZW, Sprint): free $250 Best Buy gift card and Gear VR if purchased on installment plans (November 24-27)

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge (T-Mobile): free to $200 after bill credits with select trade-ins, plus free Gear VR and $50 Oculus credit (November 24-27)

Samsung Galaxy S7 (unlocked, SM-G930U): $669.99, plus a $250 eCertificate for (November 20-23)

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (unlocked, SM-G935U): $769.99, plus a $250 eCertificate for (November 20-23)

Sony Xperia XZ: $581.98-599.99 from $699.99 in black, blue, and white (live now)

US Cellular: 50% off with smartphone trade-in, cracked screens are OK (November 21 to December 31)

Verizon: $200 off any smartphone $400 or higher for new customers, $100 off for existing customers (November 24-27)

ZTE Axon 7: $349.98 from $399.98 at Amazon, Best Buy, B&H (plus free JBL Bluetooth headphones), Fry’s, Newegg (plus free Monster Bluetooth headphones), and (plus free case and USB-C cable) (live now for most, officially November 28 to December 4)

ZTE Axon 7 mini: $199.98 from $299.98 for Ion Gold color at Best Buy, $249.98 from $299.98 for Platinum Gray at Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Fry’s, Newegg (plus free Hamilton Beach coffee maker [I’m as confused as you]), and (live now for most, officially November 25-27)

Updated 11/24 at 1PM ET

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Verizon): $240 ($10/month for 24 months) from $672 (November 24-25)

Other Gadgets and Gizmos Deals

Amazon: Black Friday promo page

Amazon Echo: $139.99 from $179.99 (update 11/24 1PM ET: live)

Amazon Echo Dot: $39.99 from $49.99 (update 11/24 1PM ET: live)

Amazon Fire tablet: $33.33 from $49.99 (update 11/24 1PM ET: live)

Amazon Fire TV: $74.99 from $89.99 (update 11/24 1PM ET: live)

Amazon Kindle: $49.99 from $79.99 (update 11/24 1PM ET: live)

Amazon Tap: $89.99 from $129.99 (update 11/24 1PM ET: live)

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit: $119.99 from $149.99 (live now)

Arlo Wire-Free: 2-pack for $249.87 from $349.99, 3-pack for $323.95, and 4-pack for $456.40 (live now)

ASUS Chromebook C200: $159.99 from $225 (November 23-25)

ASUS OnHub: $116.49 from $199.99 (live now)

Beats Solo 2 Wireless: $119.99 from $299.99 (November 23-24)

Blue Yeti: $89.99 from $127.99 (not live yet)

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones: $39.99 from $99.99

Canary (2-pack): $289 from $399 at Amazon and Canary (November 23-28)

DJI Phantom 3: $399.99 from $499.99 (November 24-27)

eero: 1-pack for $149 from $199 (Amazon, Best Buy, eero), 2-pack for $299 from $349 (Amazon, Best Buy, eero), 3-pack for $399 from $499 (Amazon, Best Buy, eero) (not live yet, officially November 23-28)

Google Chromecast Ultra: $69, plus 3 free months of HBO Now

Google Home: $99 from $129 at Best BuyGoogle Store, and Verizon (November 23-28) (update 11/24 1PM ET: Walmart too)

Google Play Music All Access & YouTube Red: free 4-month trial for new and some previous customers

GoPro HERO5 Black: $399.99 at Best Buy (plus free $35 Best Buy gift card and 64GB microSD card, November 24-27) and Target (plus free $60 Target gift card, November 23-24)

HTC RE: $75 from $129 (live now)

HTC Vive: $699.99 from $799.99 at Amazon, Fry’s, GameStop, MicroCenterNewegg, and 24 11:59PM PT to November 28 11:59PM PT)

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