Samsung Tizen OS Smartphone Z2 receives Wi-Fi certificate

Recently a variant of the Samsung Z2, carrying the model number SM-Z200F, received Wi-Fi certification, which is a pretty solid indicator that, Samsung may launch the Tizen OS phone soon. Past Zauba listening is also an indicator that the phone will launch in India too.


Now it needs to receive FCC certification; then the handset will have all of the required documentation to hit the market. Samsung has done a pretty good job at keeping Z2 under secret because we don’t have any specifications leak or rumor.


According to the past leaks, The smartphone will have 1GB of RAM, opposed to the 768MB of the Z1, and will be a 4G / LTE (VoLTE) smartphone. It may also have an AMOLED screen. On the display side, it will have a 4 inch qHD display. However, according to the Wi-Fi certificate the phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi AC and 5 GHz Frequency, which means it is a budget low end specs phone.

Wi-Fi certificate 

Date of Last Certification: 2016-07-06

Brand: Samsung Electronics

Product: SM-Z200F/DD

Model Number: SM-Z200F/DD

Category: Smartphone, multi-mode (Wi-Fi and other)

Hardware Version: REV1.0

Firmware Version: Z200F.001

Operating System: Proprietary / Other:TIZEN

Frequency Band (s): 2.4 GHz

Connectivity Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ b
WPA™ – Enterprise
WPA™ – Personal
WPA2™ – Enterprise
WPA2™ – Personal
Wi-Fi Direct®
WMM®-Power Save
Access Wi-Fi Protected Setup™

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